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From generating awareness of the company, selling its services, to promoting career opportunities-- Answerthink's approach to building its advertising campaigns was consistent. All campaigns were clear, straight-forward and creative. Advertising campaigns were created for several venues including national magazines, newspapers, and even billboards.

Business Planning

Rich Noonan Productions is a growing multi-media, video production company. In the throes of significant growth, Rich Noonan Productions turned to Striking Changes, LLC for business planning and marketing guidance. First priorities involved analysis of their current pricing structure. After a targeted competitive analysis, Striking Changes was able to help the client reposition their services offerings to improve both their value proposition and their revenue growth opportunities. Subsequent priorities involved analyzing their customer-base, and providing value insight into the strategies and opportunities needed to capture increased market share within their target-market. Since developing new messaging specifically related to ROI, Rich Noonan Productions is able to point to clear and unprecedented growth across the business.

Diorama Campaign

Answerthink had multiple consulting and technology practices. During the boom of the digital economy, Answerthink initiated a national airport advertising campaign to increase their overall visibility, and to promote their innovative approach to developing e-commerce solutions. Answerthink needed a campaign headline which would catch the attention of senior-level executives, serve as an umbrella for all their services offerings, while capturing their unique, "out-of-the-box" approach to developing innovative technology solutions. Showcasing a water-skier, surfing in the desert, with the headline, "There are no boundaries -- but there are answers." Answerthink received measurable accolades and notoriety from many Fortune 500 companies as a result of the campaign.

Event management

As one of the world's largest management consulting firms, KPMG participated in several hundred industry and technology conferences each year. KPMG wanted to update its image with innovative booth real estate. Working directly with a manufacturer, the team architected a crisp, clean booth property that was designed to draw in event traffic, allow for multiple presentation displays, provide ample storage, and position the company to generate the highest levels of brand awareness. As well, the booth was designed to be highly modular, easy to set up and tear down, and compact to help save on shipping and storage costs.

Identity System

KPMG's Enabling Technologies Practice had over 15 practices-- each with several, unique practice-specific service offerings. The goal was to create an image system which would be linked to the overall corporate identity system, while providing the individuality and flexibility to create recognition among practices. Using the corporate guidelines as the backbone for construction, the identity system was developed using a targeted color-identification system, which was carried through from brochures, to case studies and to proposals. The resulting identity system provided synergy across individualized services, as well as across the entire Enabling Technologies practices and through to corporate KPMG, LLP.

Strategic Marketing Review

Rhino Internet Solutions was about to invest significant monies in a new corporate brochure. The brochure was developed to be used as a pivotal sales tool to boost revenue. Prior to finalizing the design and content of their brochure, they called in Striking Changes, LLC. After only one executive meeting, Striking Changes was able to identify ways to improve their value proposition, and to provide clear, definitive messages to boost acceptance and retention of their corporate differentiators. The guidance resulted in dramatic messaging improvements for Rhino Internet Solutions.

Website Communications Strategy and Implementation

SMART and Associates, LLP retained Striking Changes to develop its Website Communication Strategy. Striking Changes developed and implemented a strategy that displayed SMART's strengths as a leader in advisory, consulting, and accounting services. The site was revamped to:

     »   showcase SMART's Unique Selling Proposition (USP)--- The Intelligent Choice
     »  build and sustain long-term customer loyalty;
     »  use an intuitive taxonomy and instill a positive end user experience;
     »  support an infrastructure which could be easily maintained and updated; and
     »   utilize guidelines consistent with SMART's brand and corporate identity.

Along with the website communication strategy, SMART retained Striking Changes, LLC to up-date the organization's logo, create its Unique Selling Proposition, design a new corporate identity system, and implement Search Engine Optimization programs.